What is mediation?

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR for short that enables ordinary people to settle disputes such as divorce in a much quicker, cheaper and more personalized way than the traditional legal approach allows. Instead of lawyers fighting out your case in front of a judge or magistrate, mediation allows you to have a direct legal say in your own divorce agreement. Once the court has signed off on it, the outcome of any mediation agreement is just as binding as it would have been argued out amongst lawyers.

Both the costs and time taken to resolve your dispute is significantly less than that of traditional litigation. With traditional litigation, there are lawyers to be paid for every little aspect of your case and the case itself can drag out anything from months to years. With mediation, your divorce or child maintenance dispute can be resolved within weeks which allows you to move on with your life. The costs are not only significantly less than litigation but the costs of the mediation is split equally by both parents or partners involved in the divorce or maintenance issue.

How would mediation work?

An unbiased mediator will be in contact with both parties during a divorce or maintenance issue and keep everything balanced and equal. When it comes to the actual mediation, the mediator will hold a joint session with both parties during which he/she will calmly listen to both sides of the argument before aiding the parties involved in the dispute to come to a mutually acceptable agreement. The mediator does not choose sides and instead guides the parties to reach and make their own decisions regarding what would be the best way forward. In cases where children are involved, the mediator’s primary focus will be on what is best for the children and how mom and dad can work together to achieve this with minimal future conflict.